Just before last December began I told you about the Beer-A-Day Advent Calendar I received from my neighbors the Jeffries as gift while hunkered down in quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus.
Ten days into the month, I posted my rankings of each different libation at the time. I can now tell you that... I FINISHED all 24 days!

Like I said before, all of the beers in the 24 pack are from German breweries. I can't say that I've had much German beer in my life so this is something I looked forward to trying. Secondly, I must qualify that my grades for each day's selection were based entirely on my personal preference as I don't know much about the science of beer making. And, just like pizza, there is no such thing as bad beer - just beer I like a little bit more than others.

I tend to be a "hophead". The higher the IBU, typically the better in my book. (For those not in the know, IBU is the scale that brewers use to rate the relative bitterness of the brew). That said, most of the selections in the calendar are pilsners and pale ales which are usually a little less hop-laden. Sidebar: I usually do not care for "nuttier" tasting beers, i.e., brown ales, etc., however I do LOVES me a stout, porter or chocolatey beer.

I ran through the first 10 days of December and posted my grades for each.

The second two weeks, days 11-24, featured a few more IPAs and stouts so my grades from round #2 are more consistently higher than the first 10.

Here are my scores:

TOdd's Beer-A-Day Advent Calendar - Round #2 Rankings

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Rock on! \m/ \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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