What happens when you find out that you, as well as your entire immediate family tests positive for Covid-19?
Let me tell you...
Before I get in to exactly what has occurred to me let me first say that I, along with my wife and son, feel absolutely fine and are doing alright.

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It was about a month ago (second week of November) that my son -- who rarely gets sick -- felt feverish and extremely lethargic. Because we knew that we had come into contact with someone that had contracted the virus, we felt we'd better go get tested ourselves. Personally, I got my test done at the SunDome and, quite honestly, it couldn't have been any easier and it was free of charge.

A couple of days later -- BLAMMO! -- You guessed it. All three of us were confirmed as Covid-19 positive. My wife and I immediately contacted our work places to let them know. We were then instructed to quarantine for 14 days. It was during this time that I was doing the "Todd & Timmy Show" from my home.

TSM/Todd Lyons

After about 36 hours, my son was back to his normal, 15-year-old boy antics and has felt fine ever since. My wife was the most asymptomatic of us all. She said she just thought it was her seasonal allergies flaring up a bit. Nothing terribly alarming.

I had, and continue to sporadically, some of the symptoms that are being most commonly associated with the coronavirus. Definitely the chills, a day or two of body aches, and a scratchy throat from time to time. The one that has been, easily, the most fairly constant has been fatigue. I can go about 7 hours and then just hit a wall. I've been falling asleep in the afternoon for anywhere between one and four hours and it's really screwing up my normal sleeping schedule! Other than that though, I can honestly and sincerely say that I've had 20 other colds, flus, infections, etc. that were WAAAYYYY worse than this. In fact, last December, the day after Christmas, I got SUPER sick for about a week. Was that the coronavirus then as well? Who knows...

I do know this. Some people get irritated with you when you tell them that you have tested positive. Where did we contract it and from whom? Your guess is as good as mine.

What are we doing since coming out of quarantine? Well, my wife is back to work (she is self-employed) which is nice. My son is still distance learning as a sophomore but that is an entirely different topic. Meanwhile, I have turned our kitchen counter into a small pharmacy. I'm taking about 10 different vitamins and supplements to help boost my body's immune system. Many of them are the old stand-bys like vitamin C, B complex, vitamin D, etc. along with quinine and a probiotic.

TSM/Todd Lyons

I said it back in June and I'll say it again. Believe it or not, my life is better since the pandemic began. Click HERE to read why.

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Rock on! \m/ \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic: