Halloween was yesterday and it was for the kids. Tonight, Friday night (11/1), is for the adults.

After answering the door and handing out candy last night, my ife and I will probably head out to a local establishment or three for some All Hallow's Day revelry.

I have long since quit trying to wrack my brain every year to come up with a new and creative costume. I have three that I rotate from year-to-year that I think I've got nailed-down pretty good.

I donned one of my three go-to outfits at work yesterday - Waldo - the children's book character. My other two are the unshaven, cigar-chomping, beer-swilling papal representation because, hey... Popin' ain't easy.

TSM/Todd Lyons

The other is my homage to AC/DC's Angus Young. Mostly because I have the skinny white legs for it. Now, if I could only get my hands on a Gibson SG! Oh, and was right-handed!

TSM/Todd Lyons