One silver lining of the pandemic and quarantining, for me, at least, has been being able to check out some movies and TV shows that I had always wanted to watch and just never got around to.

It seems like forever ago that we all got swept-up in the phenomenon that was Joe Exotic and the 'Tiger King' saga and, I will admit, I was a part of that, for better or worse.

I actually bought a subscription to Netflix in order to watch it and once it was over I sort of felt a void in my life. I began seeking something else to watch and look forward to on a daily basis to occupy my mind.

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The first show I began to binge watch was "The Office" even though the series starring Steve Carrell ended in 2013 after a nine-year run. I distinctly remember one of my besties telling me that I "had to" watch that show back when it first came on the air but I have never been one to get into television series. Boy, was he right.

I have since watched nearly every episode in chronological order and must admit that it is hilarious! I love how the characters break the fourth wall and look directly into the camera (at you) for comedic effect. Even my 16 year-old son and my wife all enjoyed watching it which was nice that we could al enjoy it together as we watched the episodes for the first time.

The second show I was late to the party to was another series that also came to a close in 2013 -- although it debuted in 2008 -- starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White. You probably watched it when it was popular, unlike me. It is, of course, "Breaking Bad".

Recently, we posted an article as to the religious significance of the story and characters but I couldn't read it as I am not quite through watching the entire series -- again, in chronological order -- as I don't want to read any potential "spoilers". I am just beginning to view the 5th and final season and cannot wait to find out how it ends! I can, now, see why both of these shows were so popular and critically acclaimed during their respective runs.

What shows, fads, bands were you "late to the party" to?

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