Every once in awhile, I need to unplug. Like most of us, the daily grind can beat me down. Email, cell phone ringing, interruptions at work, getting kids to and from activities, etc. That is why I was relish the chance to head to my family's cabin in the Nile Valley.

Our cabin, nicknamed the "Legacy Lodge" is about 15 miles past Whistlin' Jack Lodge on highway 410 heading towards Chinook Pass on the banks of the American River near the Pleasant Valley campground. It is a good 'ol fashioned log cabin with NO electricity, NO running water and NO indoor plumbing - and I LOVE it! The best part? NO CELL SERVICE! People actually converse, tell jokes and stories sitting around a camp fire.

My brother, Justin, has held his annual birthday bash up there the last couple of years. Here are some shots of where I spent my weekend - UNPLUGGED!

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