When I was my son's age (15), the term "bootlegging" meant hanging outside a convenience store on a Friday or Saturday night trying to find someone of age who would buy beer for minors. My, oh my, how times have changed!


This past week, my wife and boy went to get some groceries at a store that, like many others, has begun to ration certain products -- most notably, toilet paper. A number or retailers are now limiting customers to just one item per person to prevent hoarding.

This posed a problem for the lady ahead of my family in the checkout line. She stated that she was also shopping for her elderly mother (smart move!) but that her mom also was out of toilet tissue. My wife made a remark about how ridiculous this whole scenario has gotten but the woman said, "I just wish I had another person with me." Carrie (my wife) pointed to Drew (my son) and said, "He's another person."

The lady handed Drew a $20 bill, he went and grabbed a package, went through the checkout line and then met the damsel in distress in the parking lot. Beyond appreciative, the mystery shopper told my boy to "keep the change."

I'm glad he helped a person in a bind but I hope he doesn't get any strange ideas!

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