As a "seamhead," it really doesn't get any better for me then what is about to go down in a couple of hours.

World Series. Game 7. Winner take all.

Following their 10-0 thrashing of San Francisco last night, the Kansas City Royals look to win their first world championship in nearly 30 years.  Meanwhile, the Giants look to cement themselves as modern-day dynasty by winning their third title in the last five years.

Who will win?  Who knows!  I do, however, have my expert prediction as well as the thoughts of many of my co-workers and fellow disc jockeys here at the station, including:
KIT host and Yakima City Councilman Dave Ettl, KIT newsman Lance Tormey, KFFM morning host Nahum Ray, 92.9 The Bull morning host Rik Mikals, Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley, KIT uber-veteran Brian Teegarden, former Yakima SunKings owner Darren Uceny, "Terror On the Ave." Hauntmaster Al Holman, Townsquare Media G.M. Cheryl Salomone, and 94.5 KATS own Kelly West and yours truly.

The final tally? San Francisco - 6, Kansas City - 5. Let's hope the game is that close!

Let's go ROY-ALS!  *clap* *clap* *clap-clap-clap*

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