There's just something about Washington that brings out celebrities, oddly enough celebrity spotting in Washington is easier than it seems. Celebs like Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Will Ferrel have all been spotted around Washington.

If you're looking to spot a celebrity in the wild we can help you, we found the five most likely places in Washington where you can see famous celebrities and we'll also tell you what they're usually doing there. Check out the list below and test your luck to see who you could meet!

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5.) Leavenworth

You wouldn't think the small german town would be a huge meeting place for celebrities, surprising enough celebs have been spotted either filming or just visiting the bavarian town and checking out everything it has to offer.

4.) Spokane

If you've ever been to Spokane you may have spotted some of the bigger buildings or neighborhoods in movies, that's right, a lot of filming has gone down in Spokane for both big-budget and independent films. Movies like Smoke Signals, Red Dawn, and Tag were all filmed in Spokane.

3.) Mariners games 

Baseball is America's favorite pastime, just like us celebrities love getting out to some games. People have run into celebs like Rainn Wilson, Eddie Vedder, Chris Pratt, and a load more!

2.) Seattle

Go figure celebrities love just being in the emerald city, whether they're filming or promoting movies or tv series or just casually walking the streets. Will Ferrel and Kevin Hart have both been spotted serving up coffee at local coffee stands. Some will even walk to pike place market just to toss a fish. Test your luck and go for a visit!

1.) Seahawks games

Football is loved by millions of Americans, go figure in those numbers is a good amount of celebrities, especially ones you wouldn't expect to see. Snoop Dogg himself is a huge Seahawks fan repping the gear in music videos, interviews, and of course on the field. Other celebrities come from all over to raise the flag or just catch the hawk's intense games.


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