I have religiously gotten my teeth cleaned for well over the last 15 years, at least. The last time I was in, my hygienist broke some bad news to me. I officially have periodontal disease. Now, that said, I'm not in rare company. Almost HALF of Americans over age 30 suffer the same malady -- approximately 65 million people! Because of it, I've had to purchase a Sonicare electric toothbrush and am now being advised to get a deep-clean every four months (as opposed to the every six months I had been going).
On Monday (May 18), Governor Inslee said that dentists can re-open for business. Almost immediately, I got a text message from my doctor's office confirming my appointment I had scheduled months and months ago for my regularly scheduled cleaning, x-rays, exam, etc.

I really don't want to go another two, four or six more months without it but I have no idea what to expect as far as PPE precautions and expectations. I also hate canceling last-minute because it creates headaches and lost revenue for my dentist and all of his employees. I should know. My wife is a hair dresser and when clients cancel with no warning or simply no-show, she loses the time that someone else could be sitting in that chair.
So I'm asking you, what should I do? If you were me would you honor your appoiuntment or not risk it in -- wait for it -- these uncertain times?

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