I realize that it has become much more accepted -- and popular -- to buy a pre-lit, artificial Christmas three but I just can bring myself to do it.
Once again, my wife and I are going with a sticky, dirty, spider-laden live tree to fill our living room this holiday season.
But they SMELL soooo good...
I think that's one of the biggest reasons why we still get a real tree. Plus, it reminds me of my childhood and the magic of the Christmas season when life was less confusing.

On Saturday, we tossed the keys to my son (he'll be getting his license in January) and he drove us into town to visit KATS Loyal Listeners Doug and Krysta Wilske. We have gotten our tree from them every year for years and years. There lot this year is located in the parking lot of Bearded Monkey Music and Cycling on Nob Hill Boulevard. If you are looking for a nice variety of reasonably priced tress, I highly suggest paying them a visit. Doug is a master at tying them down to the roof of your vehicle, trust me!

Once home, we shook it out to get rid of the dead pine needles and creepy-crawlies. We put the stand on it and took it inside. We gave it a bunch of water, strung the lights and let it sit over night to let the branches fall.

On Sunday, with the Seahawks game on TV, my wife and son put the decorations on O Tannenbaum.

My wife named this year's tree "Rona" (previous years we have had a "Stan" and an "Eileen" - all for obvious reasons!). I'm pretty proud of it.

What do you think?

Lyons family Christmas tree for a Corona Christmas in 2020

So what's it for you? Real, spiders and all, or artificial but no messing with lights, etc.?
Message me what you prefer via our free mobile app!

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