Many famous Rock and Metal bands have come out of Great Britain. My personal favorite is Iron Maiden. With the fast bass playing from Steve Harris and the amazing vocals from Bruce Dickinson, it's hard to compete.


Here are my top five Iron Maiden songs

5) Aces High: This was one of the first Iron Maiden songs I heard. The guitar and the bass playing flow very nicely, and when Iron Maiden plays this song live Bruce is very energetic running all around the stage. But, this lead me to other songs that were better so I place it at five.

4) The Wicker Man: Yes, this is one of their newer songs, and not many like it, but I actually do. The intro guitar riff is very simple but has the amazing Iron Maiden sound to it. With that said I place The Wicker Man at four

3) Hallowed Be Thy Name: This Song definitely deserves a spot in the top five. The slow intro with harmonized guitars and bass harmonics that kick into a killer fast paced and epic song. For that reason, I place it at three.

2) Run to The Hills: The Iron Maiden classic. Most people know this song, even if they aren't huge metal heads (thank Rock Band for that). I place this at two because of the epic fast bass playing and one of the greatest in song guitar solos ever.

1) Killers: My all time favorite. the way the bass guitar starts out, very up tempo, and then kicks into the guitar is one of the best I've ever heard. In my opinion Iron Maidens best song. I place it at one.

That concludes my top five Iron Maiden songs. Rock and Roll will never die. Keep on head banging.



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