I get some weird looks when I tell people I got that on CD or DVD. It wasn't a big deal ten years ago, but with everything going digital now, some people look at me like I'm nuts. Like, I'm a crazy hoarder or something. Does having things physically cause problems? Oh sure. Sometimes the space can be an issue, not enough shelves in the house. Compulsiveness (I have one, so I better get the entire collection) can be a real problem. I've also, at times, wondered if I suffer from the whole "Do I own my things, or do my things own me?"

South Park Timmy doll with a microphone and Metallica CD

Even if you're not a rock fan, today is a pretty big day in the music industry, and that's the release of the new album from Metallica. My brother had the album early this morning, on his phone, waiting for him to wake up. I had to wait for the fantastic delivery courier to bring my treasure!


So who is better off? My brother or I when it comes to that album? We both legally own the album! I have it on CD, and he has his digitally. But one of the things I've often wondered about (and I have experienced with digital copies of video games) is how you might not actually OWN the stuff you bought.


Many times, in the fine print of the writing that you have to "Agree" to, so you can access your media, whether through iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc., there's something about how you are paying for access to this media, not the media itself.


Sure, in the case of music, you can probably download it and put it on a CD (if you're old enough to remember how to do that). But then you're not much different than me with the store-bought CD. With video games, the rights/license to a game may change/expire, so you won't be able to reaccess it unless you have the game saved on your hard drive. Or what about games made for outdated technology? I had a pretty sweet Star Wars game for my iPhone 6 that will not work anymore (I know, first-world problems).

How many times have you freaked out when the internet has gone down? Some people are completely lost. Me? I'll pop my CD in the player and keep rocking out. What happens if the power goes out? Well, no need to worry about my Kindle running out of power because it's made of paper (that's a book joke for people who have only seen books on the internet).


I won't even get started on the people collecting vinyl or cassette tapes! That's awesome that those are back, and I also think those people must be very strong or will have bad backs after moving a box of records! Are you still a fan of physical media? Why or why not? And if so, what do you still collect? Tap the App and let me know. I'm curious if I'm part of a dying breed or if there are other hoarders like me!

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