Toronto Canada has the nick name "Raccoon Capital of the World" because of the constant war the city seems to be embattled in with the furry trash pandas. One of the big problems were the raccoons getting into garbage cans and running a muck. Well the city decided to fight this problem by spending CA$31 million on "raccoon-resistant" waste bins with gravity locks last year. Well for a while it seemed to work. Especially when residents started to notice that the raccoons weren't quite as obese as they once were. But call it evolution, natural selection, a mutant, the fuzzy bandits adapted and learned.

The creators of the gravity lock waste bins said how you need to turn the flat nob/handle in order to unlock the lid. Something that could not be done since raccoons do not have thumbs. Well, never tell nature what it can't do. One raccoon (maybe a big fan of Marvel's Rocket) learned and adapted and taught others. After one resident found his garbage a mess, he decided to put up night vision cameras. It shows how the Uber-Raccoon is doing it. And in the video above, after knocking over the garbage can to break the gravity locks hold, a raccoon looks right at the camera as if saying, "you want some bitch!?"

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