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I got a call yesterday from my old friend "Audio" Andy Evans saying he was thinking about me. I've known Andy for almost three decades. You may know Andy from his years as an A/V wizard at Sousley Sound & Communications. Last year, he helped advise me on how I should set up my home entertainment system in my new home. While there, he left me with a piece of 94.5 KATS history -- the very first KATS t-shirt ever printed (as displayed by my son in the above photo)!

Well, Andy's connection to KATS, apparently, runs deeper than that.

When I took his call and he told me why he thought of me, I couldn't believe it. You see, Andy's keen eye noticed that the character of Andy Davis in the Disney-Pixar movie 'Toy story 3' literally has a KATS sticker on his toy box! (See: pics below)

Is Andy Evans the human incarnate of Andy Davis?
Did 'Toy Story 3' actually take place in Yakima?

Here's the evidential proof:

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