Trent Reznor

is currently working with Atticus Ross on following-up their Oscar Winning  score for The Social Network with the score for David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Now we have reports that after that one, he will not only score the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but appear in it as well, portraying Jack Barts, the vampire that kills Abe Lincoln’s mother.

The movie is based on the literature-killing mash-up novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, which tells the secret history of Abraham Lincoln’s life-long struggle against vampires. It’s the sort of lazy and dumb idea that sells millions in today’s post-literate landscape. Timur Bekmambetov is directing the movie.

QUICK UPDATE: It’s a rumor, in case the question mark didn’t make that clear enough. While the role is only a brief cameo (making it not entirely absurd), nothing is confirmed yet.

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