As us kids grew up in the '80s, we hold onto our nostalgia fondly. Now that we're older, we like to look back on fond memories of everything that was awesome of the '80s and '90s and beer is always a good thing. More and more, bars that incorporate game arcades are popping up all over the United States. There are several in Seattle and Portland, and there's no reason why Yakima doesn't have one yet.
The good news is that Tri-Cities is getting one this spring. I'm hoping it's successful enough that someone in Yakima takes note and opens one for us.

The Tri-Cities place is called Level Up Arcade Bar, featuring classic hit arcade machines like Street Fighter 2, Donkey Kong and a lot more. Best of all, they're only 25 cents each. This will be in Kennewick on Columbia Center Mall Boulevard and is slated to open in March.

Yakima could truly use a similar spot. Sure, a few bars in town might have Pac-Man or an emulation machine filled with a ton of classic arcade games. And we do have Game & Grog, which features consoles to play (for free might I add) and could see them getting some arcade machines in the future. But it's not quite the same. Not yet, anyways.

C'mon, Yakima! Make it happen!

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