All Hallows eve is upon us, kids everywhere will be dressing up as superheroes, monsters, ghouls, and Fortnite Characters. They'll take to the streets to pack pillowcases full of candy that they can gorge on until Christmas. Sadly, this tradition eventually comes to an end,  whether it's age, maturity, or the law. That's right, we said the law.

At what age is your child too old to trick or treat, we dug deep to find an answer, what we found may actually shock you. Some kids continue to trick or treat into their teenage years, some people think this is not right or even just weird. We for one believe in keeping your childhood alive as long as you can because someday you'll be consumed by work, and an adult life all of their own.

So What is the Age Limit for Trick Or Treating in Washington State?

States all across the country expect trick-or-treaters out on Halloween this year, especially since it's the first year with zero covid restrictions since 2020. So what happens when they learn after those two years they're too old to trick or treat?

Luckily Washington State has no laws about trick or treating or an age limit, however, some cities do have laws and ordinances in place to keep kids from trick or treating.

Some Cities in Washington have it set to 13 to 14 years old, meaning that teenagers are banned from partaking in trick-or-treat activities. Thankfully Yakima is not one of these cities, luckily in most places, this law is not in effect and we'll explain why.

Why Teens should be able to Trick-Or-Treat

Teenagers in the past years who choose not to trick or treat usually move on to other activities on Halloween, some may go to parties, and others may lean more into the tricks. If you have a teenager knocking on your door asking for the candy it's much less harmless than them going out drinking or a house. Other teens may suffer from disabilities that stunt their understanding as to why they're not allowed to trick or treat. Taking away the child-like joy does nothing but spread negativity. Now we're not saying hand over the whole bowl to older kids, but a piece of candy surely won't send you into debt.

So this year, after all the covid nonsense that's gone on, let the teens trick-or-treat, if you don't want to participate in the festivities, simply turn off your front door light.

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