House rules [POLL]
I was raised LDS (or Mormon in easier terms). I never even saw my mom or dad drink anything but coffee. When I was growing up the drinking age was 18 so I got my partying done earlier than people do now and grew up much faster.
Lake Stevens Kids Found In Run Down Feces Splattered House, WTF
First of all, I just wanna say that if I know kids are being mistreated I will not hesitate to go directly to the cops. I do not care if anyone knows that I did it. When kids, animals, elderly people or our veterans are concerned I will go to any length. With that said, one woman did. Thank God she …
Keeping kids in line [POLL]
It's tough nowadays to put the smackdown on kids because even a spanking is "child abuse."  I still do a  little swat now and again, but discipline is a challenge for many parents.