Hostess is no stranger to trying new flavors or innovations. From seasonal flavors to to using different fillings they is always something new on the market when it comes to Hostess. These were interesting to me as they were not only shaped differently but only available online. Naturally, I had to order a couple boxes.

These are the $TINKcoin cakes which are puck-shaped Twinkies kind of resembling a coin. Cashing in (no pun intended) on the viral sensations of bitcoin they thought it'd be fun to make these and, well, it must have worked because I bought two boxes.

I tried one and shared more around the office. They're literally Twinkies in a different shape. That vanilla sponge cake with the cream-like filling on probably Hostess' most iconic snack cake. Kind of like a vanilla, unfrosted Ding-Dong. They're more fun than anything and always a fun reason to try something unique.

They mentioned you could grab these online for a limited time but they may be available in stores in the future, too.

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