Two Saturdays in a row I have had the pleasure to join some of my favorite bikers in the world. The Combat Veterans United Motorcycle group and the Harley Owners Group always do excellent charity work. They both had crab feeds on separate weekends. They were both incredibly successful. Thank you to everyone that helped out and donated to both of these events.My friend Leanne Jones, from the Yakima Herald attended both events and she got some excellent photos. As did I.

Check them both out and maybe you can find yourself or one of your friends.  Some of the photos you will see are donated items from various people. The quilt was handmade out of Harley-Davidson t-shirts and bandanas from Yakima Valley Bike Nights. With both 94.5 KATS and 92.9 The Bulls logos. It is truly amazing work!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with these events.



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