The other night Back to the Future movie stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd got together for a charity poker night. Lloyd put up an Instagram picture of the two of them sharing a moment behind the scenes. It is obvious that they are still great friends some 30 years after starring in the movie trilogy.

Fans of the Back to the Future movies are feeling nostalgic, too. One such fan, EZRyderX47, took to his YouTube page to create a "fake" movie trailer. He used deepfake video technology to put actors Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. over the faces of Fox and Lloyd. This video was posted three weeks ago and already has over 6.1 million views on YouTube!

Due to the rising popularity of the deepfake Back to the Future video, a popular meme is coming back to the scene. This meme says that if you go to the O'Reilly Auto Parts website and type in 121G in the search bar and hit the enter key, you will see a huge surprise.

Click here to experience this surprise for yourself! Remember, type in 121G in the search bar!

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