Union Gap Farmers Market Will Be Hosted by the Valley Mall from May to October

A few years ago, there was some confusion about which Farmers Market was which. The market had always been in downtown Yakima at the Millennium Plaza on 3rd St but after a row with some of the vendors, a farmers market split occurred. One of the markets remained in downtown Yakima and a new one popped up in Union Gap. It was held in the corner parking lot of the Valley Mall where the Sears department store is still located. This is just the background story filled with gossip, it has nothing to do with what I'm about to tell you!

The Valley Mall just announced that they will be hosting a farmers market in that same Sears department-store parking lot. It will run from the end-ish of May thru the middle of October and will be a part of their 50th Anniversary Celebration of the mall.

My favorite thing about the farmers' market is ogling the gigantic vegetables! I usually never buy any of them, I just like looking at them. It makes me feel healthy. Now that I'm about to start up a new weight loss regimen and have joined a gym, I'm probably going to be BUYING lots of vegetables at the farmer's market because that's pretty much all the foods I can eat.

My 11-year-old daughter, Willow, loves going to the farmers market but only because she likes to pet people's dogs that are there at the market, too. Too cute!

If you want to become a vendor or get more info about the Valley Mall Farmer's Market, email them here.

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