I can not believe that some jerk would even think about robbing the VFW!

First of all VFW stands for "VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS"! Good Lord! Just they word Veteran should be good enough to not even think about robbing a place that was established for R & R for for our Vets that have kept us free and being able to live like we want!

So with that said, The Speaks Downtown Yakima, 3rd and Chestnut is doing Celebrity Bar-tending on Thursday, August 30th to help out the VFW!

Please stop by and bring money to tip tip tip!!! All of the tips from 6 pm until 9 pm will go to VFW! If you need more information go to www.KATSFM.com or Speakeasy Facebook!

And if you have any information regarding the robbery please contact Yakima Police Department.