Should you test positive for Covid-19, the Washington Department of Health will send a text verification code to you.  The text will arrive within 24-hours of the Department receiving your positive result.

The program began Monday texting a verification code to every person in the state who tests positive for the virus.  The goal is to help WA Notify exposure notification users to alert other users if they've been exposed.

The text has a link to activate a code within WA Notify, and will anonymously alert people that they may have been exposed.

Watch the video below of how WA Notify works.

When you utilize WA Notify, your phone exchanges anonymous codes with phones of people near you who are also using WA Notify. The app exchanges the codes anonymously. If another user was near you in the last two weeks should later test positive for the virus, their verification will be added, and you'll get an anonymous text that you've possibly been exposed to Covid-19.

Courtesy of WA Notify WA DOH
Courtesy of WA Notify WA DOH

Using WA Exposure Notifications is totally your decision and, you can turn the system off or deactivate the app at your discretion. WA Exposure Notifications will never collect, track, or store your location, GPS information, or personal information.

WA Notify helps stop the spread of Covid-19. Health officials recommend wearing a mask, social distancing, and keeping your social gatherings small.

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