A Washington high school principal has resigned after being put on administrative leave.

Camas High School principal Liza Sejkora wrote: “Seems to me that karma caught up with a rapist today" in a Jan. 26 Facebook post before deleting the post. But it was up long enough to catch the attention of school district officials.

She further elaborated on Facebook an hour after deleting her first post by saying, "You are free to judge me for the post just as I am free to judge the person the post was about."

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The NBA star died in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles with his daughter and seven others two weeks ago.

Kobe Bryant had a complicated legacy. An accomplished NBA star, set to enter the Hall of Fame this year; the outpouring of grief was similar to that for Princess Diana in 1997. After retirement, Bryant sought to pass the torch to his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Bryant, with many describing her as his "heir." He had trademarked the name "Mambacita," a play on his moniker, Black Mamba, only days before the accident.

As I said before, Bryant had a complicated legacy. It is hard to ignore his 2003 rape trial. He was arrested after a 19-year-old hotel worker accused him of raping her in a Colorado hotel room. She refused, however, to testify during the trial and charges were dropped. Both parties would later settle out of court.

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