If you're a military retiree, living in Washington state and feel like you're not getting the help and support you deserve, you're not alone. In a recent study Washington state was seen as one of the worst states for military retirees.

Source: WalletHub

Fifth place. Not great. Sure, not as bad as Oregon, Washington DC, Nevada and Vermont (Vermont coming in last place) but certainly we can do a better job of making sure our military retirees are taken care of.

This study from WalletHub took into account economic environment, quality of life and health care into this list.

Best state goes to Virginia. Shout out to Virginia!

A few other stats to keep in mind for military retirees in Washington state.

47th – Number of VA Health Facilities per Number of Veterans
46th – % of Homeless Veterans
50th – Veteran Job Opportunities
42nd – Housing Affordability
34th – % of Veteran-Owned Businesses

We need to do better.

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