It's really weird when you think about it, with all of the great states to live in our country, how could we make it, not only in the top half of the United States, but the top 12! That is quite amazing. Most people look at where they live, and see nothing but the negative, but this just goes to show, that when things are looking down, all you really need to do is look up!

How Was The Top 12 States Determined?

I'm not quite sure how it came to be. Probably something to do with the landscape of the land, location of mountain ranges, access to waterways may factor into the determination of the top 12. I'm sure that the history of our great state comes into play in a very important way.

Or maybe it's all the great things that we have going for our state? Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, grunge music, sports teams, the list can go on and on. But I don't think this factored into the top spots. Every state offers something to the country, even New Jersey.

yakima dme canva
yakima dme canva

Which States Make Up The Top 12?

The top 12 states in the country are quite surprising when you think about it. With New York and Idaho on the same high standard list, it can really make you scratch your head. Other states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, Maine, North Dakota all join Washington in the list of Top 12. States wrapping up the list are Alaska, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Minnesota. If you still don't believe that this is all all wrong, just take a look at the map below.

Top States in the United States
Google Maps/MS Paint

As you can see, these 12 states, are the top ones in the United States. Happy April Fools... although, this is kind of a fact and should be common knowledge, so, no one was really fooled. Now go on and impress others with your new knowledge nugget!

Guy laughing at the Washington sign

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Top States With The Highest Population Near Toxic Release Sites

This information is from Stacker who analyzed data from the EPA Toxic Release Inventory.



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