A story that seems like it should be part of a Japanese Anime Hentai video (trust us, don't look up what Hentai means), is actually from our own backyard, Tacoma.

Earlier this month at a fishing derby in the Tacoma Narrows, Jamie Bisceglia met up with some fishermen who had caught a baby octopus. She could not miss out on the opportunity for what she thought would be a cute and funny picture.

It was a photo contest in the derby. So, crazy me, hindsight now and looking back, I probably made a big mistake.
- Jamie Bisceglia

Not only did the octopus stick to her face, it then started biting her. The octopus looked to be a juvenile version of a "Giant Pacific" or perhaps a "Pacific Red" octopus. Neither should be put anywhere near your body! They contain a poisonous venom used to immobilize their prey, not to mention their beaks are powerful enough to break and eat crabs, clams and mussels.

She sought out medical attention and is now on antibiotics. She said that this painful experience taught her lesson about how to handle a living octopus, and cautions people to know what you're touching beforehand. She also commented how she ended up cooking and eating the creature on a salad ... a revenge of sorts.

Who will get revenge on behalf of the scared baby octopus just defending itself?

3. Davy Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)


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