Do you like to go out for a drink with co-workers? If so, you may have contributed to the this year's state average. According, the average citizen in Washington has spent $2,627 in drinks after work in 2019 -- and the stats don't stop there.

$2,627 is no small chunk of change, either. That's about 650 beers.

Many enjoy it and might even consider it part of their work day as 1/3 of people believe it helps with team building. I could see that happening. They also said these after-work sessions last almost two hours and that 1 in 10 do shots for drinks after work. Interesting.

It's fun to see what other states listed as well. Oregon spent almost $1,000 more than us. Kentucky has us all beat at $5,530, on average. Good Lord.

All in all, I thought this was interesting, so wanted to pass it along to you. Thanks to for the info! Check out that site for more states to see where they land.

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