As a radio gypsy, I have moved across the country just to keep the microphone turned on. As a father of five, I have moved across the country, turning the "mic" off so their mother could pursue her career.

With the growth of Facebook over the last decade I have managed to keep in touch with a lot of those friends I left behind moving around.

One of the things I didn't expect though is now having friends that have passed that Facebook treats an active, living friend.

"You've been friends with [Dead Person] for 5 years!" Facebook declares about my lifelong friend that died 4 years ago.

Or that friend you haven't lived near in over decade, but you can count on them for a like on cute kid posts and an occasional instant message update on life - that person dies and now you regret not investing more time as a friend. At least that is my reaction every time, almost without fail, I could have been a better friend.

Not that I was a bad friend, but I could have been BETTER.

I have lost friends to murder. I have lost friends to suicide. I have lost friends to war. I have lost friends to accidents and old age and time.

In every case, I feel I could have made that person's life better if I had invested more time and wasted less on things that serve no real purpose.

For example, I devote a lot of time to scrolling with my thumb.

Of course, I work and have five kids. My house is clean-ish most days, my garage is a disaster I can't park in at the moment. The I'll-get-around-to-it pile is high.

But, in honor of those friends I have lost, this morning I am going to take a minute to call and text my friends and say hello. I am going to tell them I love them.

This week I lost a friend that I was close to when I was much younger, before I was married and a dad and the responsible adult I am today. When I lose one of those friends, I know there is love I left on the table instead of sharing. The gulf of time between then and now is enormous and I could have filled it at any time.

Now it's too late.

Hendo in Florida 2005

I thankful for my blessed life, my kids, my friends that I have here in the community I have chosen to call home and raise my children. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a lot to look forward to as my list of friends here in Yakima continues to grow daily. I love my new friends and love where I am at in the world.

After a few calls I am going to take a moment to Waste A Moment. Make the most of your weekend, my friends.



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