This is a trip, I graduated from A.C. Davis High School 20 years ago and now I am writing to inform you at 5 pm tonight you can cheer on the class of 2020.

It's happening all over the nation and in our very own area. West Valley, East Valley, Naches, Selah, and Terrace Heights.

This is not how any of us pictured this day but I will say, everyone has gotten very creative and I am loving the balloons and decorations symbolizing houses where the seniors reside.

The World is still your oyster and so I say to each one of you make as many pearls as you can. Find your passions and dip your toes in the opportunities provided. Each door leads you down your path and the more adventures and chances you take the wiser you will become. Even though I am sure right now you feel you know it all. Oh, there is so much more :)

If you are curious about trying something, now is the time. You will never have as much freedom as you do right this moment and though it might feel overwhelming taking that leap into the unknown is the first step. Your path will appear, just keep swimming.

Very proud, very happy, and a huge congratulations to every single senior out there!


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