With many bands having to cancel or postpone their concerts & events, many are taking to the blasts from the past to help entertain. Between Metallica, Foo Fighters & Volbeat recently airing previously filmed concerts, one of my all time favorite bands has finally done the same, Reel Big Fish. If you have never heard of them before, they play what is known as "Ska" music. Think of a modern era of the classic rock band Chicago. Or if you're too young for Chicago, think of punk rock music with trombones, trumpets & saxophones. What you get, is upbeat, happy, dance & rock.

The Orange County, California band, fronted by original member Aaron Barrett, started in 1991 and gained most notoriety in the mid-90's during the 3rd wave of Ska. With over 10 albums under their belts, and close to 30 years making music, they are one of my last bucket-list bands I need to see in concert. Who knows when that day will ever come, luckily until then, they have joined the many artists in releasing a previously recorded live show to YouTube to help all of us during these hard times. Enjoy their February 15th, 2015 show at the Jannus Live venue in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you want to check out more of this band, I recommend their albums "Turn the Radio Off", "The Best of Us, For The Rest of Us", "Candy Coated Fury" & "Our Live Album, Is Better Than Your Live Album" & their most recent album "Life Sucks, Let's Dance" (a fitting title).


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