There's a really weird law inside the "City of Smokestacks"...


There have always been some really strange laws in Washington state, but a really wild one is still on the books in the city of Everett. It is so weird that it made me tilt my head back and forth like a confused puppy.




I am guessing that long ago, some swindler rolled into town and tried to hypnotize the locals to make a quick buck. That person likely performed this act in front of someone’s business and as they looked out of their window, they got so infuriated they decided to march over to City Hall and have it declared illegal. That’s the vision I got in my head.


Anywhoo, this strange law in Everett just makes me wonder, what other reason could there be to make the specific act of hypnotizing in front of windows a crime?


“Listen, you can do all that stuff, just not in front of my window!” - The Townsfolk of Everett



Yes, in Everett, you are breaking the law if you do this in front of a window

Hypnotism unlawful.

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Here is the abbreviated version of the city ordinance:

“It is unlawful for any hypnotist or mesmerist, or other person, to exhibit or display…any person while under the influence of or alleged influence of hypnotism or mesmerism, in any window or public place outside of the hall or theater…” - City of Everett, WA


Well! Now we know not to do any of THAT. But what happens if we DO do that? The City of Everett Municipal Code tells us that we’ll be fined about $500 and possibly spend up to 6 months in the Snohomish County Jail. Yikes.


Guess we had better just keep our hypnotisms inside the Angel of the Winds Casino Resort or the Royal Banquets and Concert Hall!


Here are some other things it is illegal (or frowned upon) to do in Washington:



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