Probably as long as we can all remember, eating our vegetables has always been a bit of a struggle. Whom among us hasn't heard, at least once in their life time, "No dessert if you don't finish your veggies"?
Why is it so hard to love something that is so good for us? Is it the texture? The smell? The taste? All of the above?

Not all vegetables are created equally, however. I LOVE me some green beans. Who doesn't enjoy a hot, buttered ear of corn? It's when the likes of brussel sprouts and spinach enter the fray that many of us get turned off on greens.

So, just what is the most hated vegetable according to Washingtonians? The fine folks over at polled nearly 5,000 people to find out just that, as well as the most LOVED vegetables.

For those of us living in the Pacific Northwest, the most beloved vegetable is... *drumroll*

POTATOES! And why not? They make French Fries, potato chips AND vodka! What's not to love about spuds? we, however, are not alone in our love. Potatoes ranked #1 by citizens of 23 states in total with broccoli coming in second place and carrots in third.

As for the most HATED? That mantle goes to mushrooms.

Which reminds me... What did one mushroom say to the other mushroom at the party?
"You're a really fun guy!"  ;)

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Rock on and I'll pass on the brussel sprouts! m/ m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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