As kids, we tend to see everything through a youthful lens. Sometimes the view can cause things to seem larger than they really are. This childish perspective can also enable us to see things as more fun, or more exciting, or yuckier, or more desirable.

I saw a Reddit feed that piqued my interest recently. It asked people what they loved as a kid but now hate as adults? I instantly had a few answers in my head. For one thing, Brussels sprouts. My mom used to serve them frequently for dinner as my dad loved them. I hated them. They smelled bad, they tasted gross, they had a weird texture, and they appeared to me to be creepy little cabbages. Well, I came to believe that my mom and dad were onto something and today Brussels sprouts are among my favorite veggies. My wife makes a great dish at Thanksgiving involving these gems, and I love to roast them sliced and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum!

The Reddit piece featured some great examples of love as a kid but hate as an adult:

"Getting mail.  As a kid it was exciting . . . now it's just bills."

 "Growing up.  Couldn't wait to grow up when I was a kid, but dread getting older now."

  "Carnival rides.  Used to love 'em . . . now I [get] super sick."

 "Swimming in public pools."

 "Being sick.  When I was a kid it meant staying home from school and watching [TV].  As an adult, it means no paycheck and shame."

I posed the question to our listeners this morning on who were quick to point out some of their favorites as kids which they now hate as adults.

Sabrina: People

I hear you there Sabrina. Life seemed a lot simpler back in the day. Now it's easy for people to get on our nerves, and, in fairness, us on theirs.

Maritza: Waking Up Early

Maritza, I'm definitely down with that sentiment. Getting up at 4 AM to go fishing as a kid was heaven. Now, my alarm goes off at 4 AM every day and I often give it a cold stare!

Michelle: Wanting to be an adult, always wanting to be older, go to work, pay bills, etc.. Now not so much anymore

I'll bet everyone can say the same, Michelle. Used to try to explain that to my kids but I think we all have to find some things out for ourselves through experience.

Andrea: Large Events

Large events can definitely be stressful especially if there's loud noise involved, right?

Trinda:  Carnival Rides

Yes! You couldn't keep me off the rides as a kid and now - no way! Plus, nobody needs to see a 300+ pound man crying and screaming at the top of the rollercoaster!

Regina: Do not remember now [I'm] too old to remember


Crystal: Miniature Golf

So true! That's not even golf! My granddaughter kicks my butt in Minigolf! Which makes her very happy!

Smashley: Snow!!

Same here! Nothing was better than playing tackle football in the snow, or sledding, or snowman building, until our fingers and toes almost froze. Now, I'm complaining if I have to drive two blocks in it and my back hurts from shoveling. (wow, I've become an old crab).

Stuff We Liked As Kids But Hate As Adults

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