Hogback Development has been rocking it in the Yakima Valley! So many great businesses opening up in town with huge thanks to them and all their hard work. Their Facebook page is pretty active with what's coming and even teasing future establishments. In a recent post they briefly teased a new business returning to Yakima going up in Rainier Square off the corner of 24th and Nob Hill.

Stay tuned for another announcement regarding Rainier as we just signed an exciting new lease for the small vacant pad on 24th Ave right in front of our Hilton. Construction starting very soon (this year).

Hint: If you love something, set it free, and it will likely come back to you when ready.

My mind immediately went to IHOP as Yakima doesn't have a location anymore since ours closed a few years back. However Hogback was quick to shut that idea down saying it wasn't IHOP.

Many are speculating it's Chipotle. We did have one that didn't last as long as it probably could have. Maybe a Chipotle could be a nice addition to an area that already has burgers, sandwiches, pizza, greek food, bbq and more.

Because it's close to the hotel and because of the size of it, I think we're all assuming it to be a restaurant of some type. What are some restaurants we don't have here anymore that we could use near 24th and Nob Hill?

Could it be Sizzler and their world-famous all-you-can-eat salad bar? What about Skippers and their famous clam chowder? I mean, what if it was Burger Chef? I don't even know if Burger Chef is a thing anymore but would be cool.

Pizza Haven, Blimpies, Royal Fork, Pietro's Pizza... too many ideas. We'll find out sooner than later, hopefully, on what it could be. I'm looking forward to it whatever it may be.

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