Like many, I grew up with the instant ramen you find cheap in stores. It was one of the few things I was comfortable making myself when my parents weren't available. I always just kind of figured that's what ramen was. I was very wrong later in life when I attended my first ramen restaurant about 20 years ago in Hawaii. Comparing real ramen to top ramen is like comparing oil paintings to color-by-number. It took a few years but Yakima is finally catching on and we have a few great places to get legit ramen right here in Yakima.

Ramen Ya
56th and Summitview
I mean, it's in their name! They're only open limited hours (very limited) and might charge a bit more than a few others places in town, but once you try it you'll know it's the real deal. They even have, like, kim-chee ramen if you're looking for that heat.

Captain Crab & Ramen
72nd and Tieton
Captain Crab & Ramen has other unique things on the menu for Yakima including seafood broils which are as delicious as they are fun and messy. The ramen here is great. Easy to order to go as well as they give you everything you need to get home safely. We've ordered from here many times.

Ozeki Japanese Restaurant
16th and Summitview
Ozeki's has been in Yakima for many years with their offering of authentic Japanese dishes and sushi. Ramen is relatively new to their menu and may be worth trying for yourself.

Kobe Sushi and Teriyaki
South 1st, between Mead and Washington
Don't let the name fool you, they also have ramen on the menu. And the ramen is excellent. Highly recommended. They're also planning a second location in West Valley sometime.

Kyoto's Sushi and Steakhouse
off 24th and Washington
Though probably best known for their hibachi grill, they also happen to have ramen on the menu. It's not really highlighted or anything and both varieties seem to be spicy, it's an option to consider.

More and more keep popping up so we'll add to the list when more places open.

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