I'm not a member of the republican or democratic parties. I don't consider myself to be liberal or conservative. I'm just some random dude who hears everything out before making a decision in the best interested of me and my family. When it comes to electing someone as president, I'm on the fence. Take the poll and the one with the most votes will get my vote. That's right! I'm giving you the power of my ballot.

Now, this is just for the president, I'll still fill out the rest of it on the various initiatives and everything else. But I want to know from you. Who should I pencil in as president?
This poll will continue through the weekend where, on Monday, October 29th, which ever candidate has the most votes is the one I'll mark in on my ballot and I'll take a picture to prove it.

Obama won the 94.5 KATS vote
Filling in my ballot