Barack Obama got the old “Bronx cheer” during the second quarter of the USA versus Brazil men’s basketball exhibition at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, Monday night.

However, the boos had nothing to do with what the crowd thought of his job performance as president. Instead they were reacting to his inexplicable decision not to kiss his wife Michelle when the First Couple was featured on the arena’s Kiss Cam.

Watch the political “fail” below, which is made even starker by all the other couples who understand what you are supposed to do when the Kiss Cam finds you.

Perhaps Barack didn’t want to creep out daughter Malia, who was seated next to mom and dad, with any PDA. Or maybe he didn’t want to rile up dirty old uncle Joe Biden, who was also attendance.

Whatever the reason, the Kiss Cam operator generously allowed the President the chance to remedy his error by featuring the Obamas on the JumboTron again in the fourth quarter. This time, he did what he was supposed to do and the crowd rewarded him with a hearty cheer. Then, a few minutes later, a number of those in attendance chanted “four more years” when Obama exited early to beat traffic.

See the proper kiss that turned things around for the Commander-in-Chief below.

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