Woodstock's co-producers say they've noticed the similarity between the logos for their 1969 festival and the Republican National Convention – and they'd like to see organizers go one step further.

"Why don’t you consider incorporating some of our Woodstock values into the RNC platform?" they ask in a blog post at Woodstock Ventures.

Woodstock's original artwork, created by Arnold Skolnick, depicts a dove sitting on the neck of a guitar. The logo for the just-concluded RNC event in Cleveland features an elephant – the symbol of the Republican party – on a guitar neck.

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The familiar Woodstock image, co-producer Joel Rosenman said, "has symbolized, and resonated with, those who believe in equality, community, activism and environmental protection. These are universal values that we encourage the RNC, and all Americans, to adopt in today’s politically charged and chaotic times. Our country could use a little more community, unity and love right now.”

They are also asking any attendees who are "part of a global Woodstock nation," which includes the initial event as well as the anniversary editions, "to remind your party of what the authentic Woodstock logo stands for."

Fellow co-producer Michael Lang admits that they don't expect much from their campaign, but they wanted to try anyway. "It seemed so inappropriate, we thought we'd say something," he told the Poughkeepsie Journal. "In terms of the [RNC] platform, who could be further from what our fundamental values are about?"

The Journal asked for comment from both the state and national Republican committees, but said their calls were not immediately returned.

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