If you're a health nut looking to drink from the fountain of youth now you can be your own fountain! Move over pomegranate juice, kale smoothies and green tea... there's something better to gurgle... you're own pee!

Plumbworld says 2016 is going to be "All About Urine" and have gone so far as to create their own (because who else would do it?) "ALCOHOL-FREE URINE COCKTAIL RECIPE GUIDE". Num num, tasty! Get out your cocktail shaker and get ready to mix your own SPEE-tacular highballs such as these:

-A MargaPEEta using fresh urine, lime juice and simple syrup.
-PEE and Tonic
-Bloody Urine mixed with fresh urine, tomato juice, lemon juice, a dash of Worcestershire, Tabasco sauce, salt, pepper and a stalk of celery.

Supposedly personal urine consumption has been a "thing" in India and China for centuries as it's thought to help with medical issues like asthma and constipation. Yes, some people drink #1 to help them go #2. Lol.


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