Dee Snider has been a force of nature in the world of rock, art, expression and personal freedom! He is truly a renaissance man! When I was given the opportunity to interview him, my jaw dropped! A man who has rocked and entertainment millions of people all over the world and has faced down the United States Government and fought for what is right, and pressed back against censorship, what would I even ask him?

I was told that he wrote a new book and wanted to discuss it on the format he loves, radio! I thought, "Phew, a topic! Sweet, I love to read, and all things Dee Snider kick ass, this will be a fun interview!" It was!

Rob Kim / Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images
Rob Kim / Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

The interview (which you can check out below) was recorded on June 7th, 2023 at 8am Pacific time. We discuss the House of Hair syndicated radio show that he started in 1997 (94.5 KATS started airing it in 2001). His future endeavors, the possibility of Twisted Sister touring again, and his new book, first novel, called FRATS (out in stores now).

"If You Are Looking For A Daring, Disturbingly Honest Story that Examines the Pressures of Toxic Masculinity in the High School Hallways, look no further"
- Red Penguin Books

You can purchase the book in hardcover, paperback and electronic where books are sold. If you'd like to get it direct, is the website you want to check out!

One of the cooler interviews I've ever done, and he was one of the nicest people I've had the opportunity to chit-chat with. I hope you guys enjoy the interview and check out his book.

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