Who knew that turning right on red light could possibly get you a ticket? I learned something from watching a link recently.  You must come to a complete stop, before taking that right.

Seems like it's Drivers Education all over again. Remember being 15 and getting our driver permits? "I'll drive!" I bet my parents were truly scared with me behind the wheel. My dad made me learn how to drive a manual Volkswagen on the freeway. Learning to maneuver that clutch was horrifying on a freeway exit ramp, on a hill, at a stop sign. Of course, I killed the engine and had to restart it SEVERAL times. A lady yelled, "Take her to a parking lot!"


The other day, a co-worker and I were reminiscing about the age we'd most like to go back to. I said, "Sixteen because that's when I got my driver's license." I was so proud!

How about on The Brady Bunch, when Marcia and Greg get into it about who's a better driver...

Good Times.

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