It is a rivalry as heated as sports teams, Marvel vs DC, Republican vs Democrats. One that usually involves players making comments involving your mom. What system is better? Who has the better players? Well thanks to science, we now have the answer... Microsoft Xbox takes the top spot when it comes to who has the better gamers. Yes, I repeat, it's not Playstation, not PC, it's Xbox.

Tech company LG and game publisher Activision teamed up as a way to help promote the new game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with the LG's Elite Reaction Test. It asked players to click on targets as quickly as possible to help determine player accuracy. Over 14 hundred participants took the test showing how Xbox players performed better than those of Playstation, and PC gamers, who came in dead last.


Now of course gamers (especially the ones who lost, I'm sure) point out how the test isn't scientific at all. How the test asks people to choose which console they prefer, meaning people could have lied. Also how they might have not gotten a good evenly spread group of players. Also that the controller wasn't working right. (I made that last one up, because I've heard that many times).

Until true cross platform competition is fully done, we may never truly know the answer to which system has the best gamers. Until then, it's back to the smack talking & controller throwing temper tantrums that most players participate in from time to time.

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