A couple of weeks ago I was driving down 16th Ave. and noticed these "villas" with the name 'Spanish Charm'. It transported me back to Spain. It reminded me of the Flamenco dancers of my youth. I thought I smelled paella and heard the Spanish guitar in my head. It was so authentic I was looking for the matadors that surely must've been around the corner.

Then I remembered... 'Spanish Charm' wasn't the only apartment home/trailer park community that it authentically old world European. Why not experience the majesty of ye old English royalty at the "Regal Estates" on Fruitvale Ave., immerse yourself in the luxury of Italy's Cinque Terre at the Golden Villa Mobile Home Park or the coziness of the French Alps at the Chalet Apartments on West Summitview.

This Saturday take in the world without leaving Yakima and remember to dine on FRENCH fries, ITALIAN dressing and GERMAN chocolate cake.

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