Well, you don't have to drive far to get in some great fishing -- the Washington Department of Wildlife has stocked Yakima area ponds with fresh rainbows.

As a part of the annual trout stocking program, the WDFW stocks Myron Lake, Rotary Lake, and what are called the I-82 ponds just south of Union Gap as you near Buena.

Here are the stocking reports from WDFW:

POND - # Trout stocked
I-82 PD #4 - 2,508
I-82 PD #6 - 2,004
I-82 PD #6 - 252 (jumbos)
MYRON LK - 500 (jumbos)
MYRON LK - 504
ROTARY LK - 2,508

Myron Lake is the between Fruitvale Boulevard and Highway 12, which is what you see as you drive down Highway 12 on the right after you leave Freddy's. The lake has selective gear rules in effect, which means single barbless hooks, no bait. With temps near 60 this afternoon (Friday) and the sun out I would suggest a bobber and fly set up, but DO NOT FORGET to crimp your barbs.

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