The city of Yakima is asking residents to help to cooperate during the recent rash of inclement weather to assist them in garbage pick-up.

A few simple requests to help the City Refuse Division include:

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— Make sure garbage carts are accessible and clear of all snow and ice at the curbside

— Maintain a 36-inch-wide path around the garbage carts to enable equipment to safely pick them up

— If your garbage cart is not collected on the normal pickup day, leave it out so it can be collected later

— Do not jam garbage into carts

— If you live on steep terrain, please bag your garbage. Operators may need to drive a smaller refuse vehicle to retrieve your garbage. Having it bagged allows operators to remove refuse from a cart in a safe and timely manner.

— Maintain clearance and access around dumpsters

— Avoid parking on the street on collection days to ensure access to your garbage cart

If you have any questions, the city asks that you contact them at 575-6005