As you may have heard, many people furious with Nike.

What had happened was...Nike hired former San Francisco 49'ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, to endorse their sportswear and shoes brand. Nike didn’t just hire him, the company made the bold decision to use Kaepernick’s voice for the narration and focal point of their new commercial.

There was, of course, an instant rush of supporters and the expected immediate backlash.

I even saw evidence of this backlash right here in Yakima, as seen on this digital billboard at a local chiropractic center on Tieton Drive.

Some consumers have been burning their Nike gear or cutting out the "swoosh" from their clothes and socks.

Others have been busy creating memes, including one that was retweeted by the commander-in-chief's eldest son.

It seems as though Nike has placed itself in the middle of the Venn diagram of a political struggle about kneeling during the National Anthem at televised football games.

America's commander-in-chief and his family are adamant in their view that any kneeling represents absolute disrespect to the country and its veterans, yet Colin Kaepernick has clearly expressed that his silent protest represents his frustration with police brutality in America.

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