Ever since its closing in March of 2022, the building at the corner of 16th and Summitview Ave. (a 7-Eleven convenience store) has sat vacant.

Many drove by it on their daily commutes, wondering what type of new business could work there.

We published an article back in April of 2023 with 5 shops that could fit the location just right.

Restaurants were a big hope for some in the public (read about that here).

Other ideas include a tattoo shop, another Yakima Valley Library location, a new record store, a coffee bar, and even bringing back a 2nd Blockbuster video!

But it seems that place has found its new destiny. Much like its old identity, it is set to be another convenience store!

That's fine and dandy. I'm happy that someone is able to do something with that building, and any new business that opens in today's economy is something to be praised.


But the one thing that struck me was the naming on the front of the building.

"West Valley Market Smoke Shop"

Was it wise to include "Smoke Shop" in the name? Especially since the store is across the street from a school?

Store front by a school

William Shakespeare, in his play Romeo and Juliet, has this line:

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet."

I take that to mean, that names of things don't really matter, BUT 'Smoke Shop' across the street from a school MIGHT have some impact.

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If the store was called "West Valley Market & LOTTO", would we still raise an issue? They say that playing the lotto and gambling can be bad for you…

What are your thoughts on the store and name? Take our poll and let us know.

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