Yakima Police say a 21-year-old man who shot three people Tuesday at a Yakima store has died after shooting himself. Chief Mathew Murray told reporters at a press conference Tuesday afternoon Jerid Haddock died at at about 3:15 pm at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

Haddock was found walking in the area of the Yakima Target store

Murray says Haddock was walking near the rear of the Yakima Target store when he asked a witness to use her phone. Haddock then reportedly called his mother telling her about the shooting which the witness overheard. Murray says after Haddock finished the witness called police to report the incident. As police were responding Haddock shot himself. Officers found him at about 2:15 pm Tuesday in the area of North 11th Street and Staff Sgt. Pendleton Way.

Earlier in the day Haddock's vehicle was found at a local home

Police found the Haddock's vehicle at a residence near University Parkway and West Birchfield Road. A SWAT team surrounded a residence at the location for multiple hours Tuesday. He died a short time later. Earlier Tuesday police found his vehicle at a home near University Parkway and West Birchfield Road where SWAT team members gathered hoping to make an arrest but he had reportedly left the home earlier in the day.

Why did he kill three people? Police say we may never know

Murray says so far there's no motive in the killing and he can't say if Haddock was on drugs at the time of the shooting. The victim names have not been released.

Police were called to the store early Tuesday

The tragedy started early Tuesday morning when police were called to the Circle K on 18th Street at about 3:30 am. They say Haddock  first parked his car at the Arco store at 18th Street and Nob Hill where he locked himself out of his vehicle. Murray says Haddock tried to enter the Arco store but the doors were locked. That's when Haddock then walked across the street to the Circle K Store. Murray says he opened the door and randomly killed two customers purchasing food. The employee was in the back of the store at the time of the shooting and wasn't injured.
Haddock then walked outside the store and shot someone else in a vehicle in the parking lot. He then walked back to the Arco store, fired shots into his vehicle and then drove away.
At Tuesday's press conference Murray thanked numerous agencies, the witness and tips from the public for helping in the investigation. The Circle K store remains open today.



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